Learn How Wednesday Media updated Micro-Comm's Trade Show Booth Display and Helped Them GET NOTICED by Their Potential Customers.

FINAL Microcomm roll-up banner mockup wednesday media copy.jpg

Trade Shows are a critical part of every company’s event management strategy. Micro-Comm, Inc contacted Wednesday Media because their table top tadeshow booth display wasn’t getting noticed by potential AND current clients.


  1. Wednesday Media designed a three-panel pop-up trade show display that can be easily transported to and from shows, whether by road or air.

  2. WM designed a table top throw that matched the new branding guidelines of the trade show booth and provided a large, clean space to place literature and product samples.

  3. All new graphics were designed to catch the eye pf the client or potential client walking by.

  4. The individual panels are designed to be separated to give to a rep to use if needed.

  5. The new display comes with two easy-to-carry nylon cases with the option of adding one large cyclonical carrying case that will fit all three panels and both nylon cases.

Kara Fritze