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Technology is driving change at an unprecedented pace, making it critical for companies to discover new ways to foster growth.
— Vivaldi, New York City

At Wednesday Media, our strategic planning specialist will help you navigate the murky waters of business strategy, deliver measurable results to your customers, and let you in on the some of the big marketing trends coming up. Our record of success with small to large local, national and international businesses proves that our consulting services are successful, innovative and enduring.

Whether for B2B or B2C clients, we use sound analytics, insights and critical reasoning, and combine it creativity and intuition. This is our modern marketing strategy and proprietary formula for success. The result is a go-to-market strategy and subsequent marketing tactical plan that both excites customers and delivers enduring profitable growth for your organization.

What is Strategic Planning?

The strategic planning process is an extremely important executive function. The most enduring companies plan on 3-5 year, one year, and 90-day horizons. Energy is put into developing key objectives every quarter, and achievements are managed weekly. A well written strategic plan is the one document that can be used to achieve the following:

  • Align the efforts of the entire work force

  • Reinforce the culture of the organization

  • Share management’s view of where the company is and their vision of where the company is going

  • Define long term and short term goals

  • Set clear measurable milestones that mark progress towards important goals

  • Define metrics that can be used daily/weekly to measure short term progress and afford accountability

  • Define clear accountability for goals and objectives

  • Guide decisions and actions throughout the year

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Our Strategy Services

  • Brand Strategy

  • Communications Planning

  • Online Presence Audit

  • Market Roll-Out Planning

  • Social Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Channel Strategy

  • Mobile Strategy

  • Media Planning + Strategy

  • Search Strategy (SEO+SEM)